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26 avril 2008

Arcatraz and the many others players can traverse through on their trek to 70…

"Heroics in World of Warcraft Heroics dungeons were introduced with Burning Crusade as a way to keep the general populace entertained for longer before having to commit to a “raiding guild experience” that went beyond a PUG in the Looking For Group tool. Heroics only exist in the Burning Crusade dungeons (but will also exist in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion) and are dungeons whose difficulty are significantly higher than the regular version of the same dungeons. . That is, all the dungeons from Hellfire Ramparts clear up to Steamvaults, Arcatraz and the many others players can traverse through on their trek to 70… have a Heroic mode that can be run once a player is 70 and adequately geared. The Purposes Of Heroic Dungeons Heroic Dungeons serve many purposes on the game. If you’re a casual player who has no aspiration to ever see the inside of a 10-man-raid during the same expansion it was released in, Heroics offer a challenging environment that requires the same level of commitment and scheduling as a regular 5-man PUG, and offers a continuation of gearing-up that doesn’t require commitment to other players on a continuing basis. If you’re interested in getting into Raiding, Heroics is a training ground for the skills required to be a good raiding contributor to the 10 and 25-man raids. Plus, the gearing from Heroics Badge rewards and Heroics drops (including otherwise-expensive Gems) is on-par with what drops in the 10-man raid instances - thus, gearing up through Heroics makes a would-be raider even MORE viable on a raiding team Read more here: "WoW Tailoring Guide 1 to 300 This guide will show you how to get your tailoring skill up from 0 to 300. The guide will only use recipe's available at a trainer until 275 and vendor available recipe's from 275 to 300. This guide only uses recipes that require cloth and vendor bought material (thread, dye).

The only exceptions are the vendor bought recipe's to get to 300 which require rugged leather. The leather needed is easely aquired through skinning or the auction house. This guide does not tell you how to get all the different recipe's from quests, vendors or drops. What you do once you hit 300 is entirely up to you. This guide is primarily aimed at those who want to switch profession at high level or have high level alts, friends or guildmembers. Preparation You are going to need a lot of linen and wool cloth and huge amounts of silk, mageweave and runecloth. Create an alt storage character to store these amounts of cloth and then farm (or have an alt farm) for the cloth needed. Use the ingame mail system to send the cloth to the storage character. You may need more than one storage character. Don't forget to send some gold to the storage character, so she can send the cloth back. Once you have all the components collected, everything has to be send back to your main character. The mailbox only shows the first 50 items you have in the mail. It also puts the last item send to you on top. So to avoid complications send the components you need first last: i.e the linen cloth are needed first, so these are the last to be send back to your main, after the wool, silk, etc. The recipe's used require vendor bought components such as threads and dye. wow geld These cost gold. To learn recipe's from a trainer also costs gold. The amount of gold needed is aproximately 40 to 50 gold if you farm all of the cloth. lord of the rings online gold If you want to buy everything you need from the auction house expect to spend upwards to 250 gold.

This does not include gold for recipe's from vendors or the auction house. Below is a table that shows the amount of cloth needed. The minimum amount column shows the minimum amount needed if you would get a skill point every time you make something. sell wow gold However at some point a recipe will be yellow or even green when you make something so you won't allways get a skill point. The estimated amount column deals with this, so try to get the estimated amount of cloth. If you are buying all the cloth you need from the auction house, I suggest getting the minimum amount and only buy more when needed. wowgold The numbers in the estimated amount column are rounded up to full stacks of whatever the component stacks up to. Component Minimum Amount Estimated Amount Linen Cloth 140 (7 stacks) 160 (8 stacks) Wool Cloth 165 (9 stacks) 200 (10 stacks) Silk Cloth 700 (35 stacks) 760 (38 stacks) Mageweave Cloth 450 (23 stacks) 520 (26 stacks) Runecloth 750 (38 stacks) 900 (45 stacks) Rugged Leather 90 (10 stacks) 120 (12 stacks) Getting from 1 to 50 Getting from 1 to 50 seems easy enough. Making a bolt of linen cloth greys out at 50, so it looks like this is the easiest way to get to 50. However, since making a bolt of linen cloth becomes yellow at 25 and green at 37, you will most likely make much more bolts than needed to get from 50 and further. Getting from 50 and further requires at least 70 bolts of linen cloth, so lets make those first and set those aside. runescape money If you haven't reached 50 yet, make a bolt of linen cloth and then a linen belt. The linen belt will give a skill point. Repeat this until 50. Once you hit 50 talk to the appropriate trainer to become Journeyman Tailor.


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Earlier I wrote that you need runed rods to enchant something. .

"Earlier I wrote that you need runed rods to enchant something. . The first rod needed is the runed copper rod. So make a runed copper rod to get your first skill point. Disenchanting items will get you a skill point. Send the green items you stored on a storage character to your main and disenchant them. If you were not able to reach 50 with disenchanting, enchant a bracer with minor health to get to skill 50. You can enchant the same bracer over and over again. An annoying window will pop up each time asking if you are sure to overwrite the existing enchant. Just click yes to do so. Once you hit 50 talk to the appropriate trainer to become Journeyman Enchanter. You have to be level 10 to become Journeyman Enchanter. This table shows the different recipes used to get from 0 to 50. Enchant the bracer some more with minor health to get to 75. Now enchant the bracer with minor deflection to get to 85. Enchant a bracer with minor stamina to get to 100. At 100 you can make a runed silver rod, which you need later on, so make one now and get a skill point. Enchant the bracer some more with minor stamina to get to 105, a bracer with minor agility to get to 120 and a shield with minor stamina to get to 125. Once you hit 125 talk to the appropriate trainer to become Expert Enchanter. You have to be level 20 to become Expert Enchanter. This table shows the different recipes used to get from 50 to 125. Enchant the shield some more with minor stamina to get to 130. Enchant a bracer with lesser stamina to get to 150. At 150 you can make a runed golden rod, which you need later on, so make one now and get a skill point. Enchant a bracer with lesser stamina to get to 160.

Enchant a shield with lesser stamina or boots with lesser agility to get to 165. Enchant a bracer with spirit to get to 185 and a bracer with strength to get to 200. Allthough you can become artisan enchanter once you hit 200 it is better to max to 225 first, since the trainer for artisan enchanter is inside an instance. I will get back on this in the next chapter. wow geld You have to be level 35 to become Artisan Enchanter. At 200 you can make a runed truesilver rod, which you need later on, so make one now and get a skill point. Enchant a bracer with strength some more to get to 205 and a cloak with greater defense to get to 225. This table shows the different recipes used to get from 125 to 225. At 225 you have to become artisan enchanter to get any further. The master enchanter that teaches artisan enchanting is inside Uldaman. The highest level recipe she trains needs 250 skill, so you want to bring enough material to get to 250. The table below shows the components needed to get from 225 to 250, so bring these with you when going the the master enchanter in Uldaman. lord of the rings online gold "While our main advancing toons rested quietly in an inn for a few more hours of accumulating Rest Bonus, a guildmate and myself hopped onto our low-40s toons and ventured over to Tanaris to try our luck doubling up on the yellow-and-orange quests together. We were both in Booty Bay together when the ship arrived, so we hopped on it together and awaited its departure. Out of boredom, I suppose, my guildmate hopped up onto a box that was sitting on the deck of the boat, and summoned his mount. I found it funny that it’s rear end is sticking INTO the boat… So, I hopped up onto something across the way from him and found that I couldn’t mount up immediately, but if I tip-toe’d my way to the edge of it, I could mount up just fine. Interestingly, when we zoned across to Ratchet from Booty Bay, I was dismounted, but my guildmate remained mounted. Anyone know of any other spots on the boat that you can mount up like this.

:) Take a screenshot, post it in your blog and leave me a note with a link to your blog Running Through Scarlet Monestary I also grabbed up a picture while some friends and I went through the Scarlet Monestary Graveyard, bringing my undead to where the Headless Horseman’s pumpkin had been, where the level 70s were getting the quest to summon the HH from the mound of dirt behind the pumpkin. She mourned the defeat of the Headless Horseman and awaits his return next year (where maybe she will be big enough to help defeat him!) Seeya next year, HH! " "Some of the more interesting and “nerve-wracking” quests that exist on World of Warcraft are the “disguise” ones. sell wow gold Where you need to get close to an enemy and activate a disguise that roots you to the ground like the one in Legion Hold in Shadowmoon Valley, or where you need to suit up in a disguise and then head into a normally-hostile town for some purpose or another. Whenever we embark on one of these quests, wowgold we’re not sure when to activate the disguise, and not sure whether we’re going to die if we activate it at the wrong time and then have to re-start the quest for some reason. And I don’t know if my guildmate companions notice (nobody tends to mention it, we just keep playing and move on) but there are very very few disguise quests that morph in-game female characters into female disguises. runescape money Like, this one in Netherstorm I was doing with my also-female guildmate - quite the coordinated equipment setup on this disguise, but it’s still a(n emasculated) male! The Leper Gnome costume is also male… I’m glad to see that the Netherwing quest line is supposed to have a Fel Orc female introduced, but of course, my next toon into that quest line will be a male, so I won’t get to test it out for quite a while! "


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The worst thing is in low level dungeons where it ‘doesn’t matter’…

"The worst thing is in low level dungeons where it ‘doesn’t matter’… /sigh… yes it does matter, because developing bad habits early is… well…. . BAD!!! Yes, you probably won’t get 2-shotted… yet… but dammit, learn to play before you get us all killed. I have a level 41 warrior, and whenever I play, its usually in an instance. That being said, I’m usually pretty good at it, and its a fun level range to be in (my opinion) but when I pull 3 mobs, and I’m tanking them all, and mr. hunter/mage/warlock pulls one of them because they used an AE too early (I personally love AEs, but give me a min to generate aggro) or attacks the wrong mob, I’m not helping any more… the one and only time I’ll help is if its on the healer… which is usually right after it kills the mage or the hunter went FD. Of course a good hunter/mage would have trapped/sheeped it so I don’t worry about them any more… and if they don’t get it, I just say “” and /ignore them Mad Mage Well said. I enjoy your humor. I was that mage,well ok I still am. Take last night for instance in heroic mech I critted a fireball for 9.6k and was bordering taking agro…did I pause for a second, hell no I fired off another cruise missle for another 9.6k crit and pulled agro. I iced blocked and the druid took agro back. I think Rizzo nailed this with the bad habit remark. Also if a mob starts to chase me and my iceblock is on cool down I run away because if I get near the mob he will one shot me so Im hoping the tank will taunt him off me or by the grace of a pally I get a shield.

I mean cmon you should be watching your agro meter as well and get ready with that taunt because Im burning that b@stard down as fast as possible so hold on tight." "With the release of Burning Crusade expansion pack, the World of Warcraft players can learn new profession: Jewelcrafting, it actually gives you the ability to create necklaces with very high attacking power, rings with armor and defense, crowns, and many other items. Jewelcrafting; as the name suggest, the main purpose of it in World of Warcraft is to make or craft the jewel like rings and necklaces which is used for magic, combat or for making gold either by trading it with other characters or selling at the auction house. Another best profession to use with Jewelcrafting is Mining. It actually provides you the ore needed for Jewelcrafting and also have the ability to do some advantageous aspects for gems and stones. The only limitation that jewelcrafting has is that it is only available in two cities in Azeroth: Silver Moon and Exodar. This makes it difficult for races like the Dranei and Blood elves that would have to commute a long distance to learn this trade. wow gold Although it may not make full use in World of Warcraft but it is helpful and worthy profession in higher evels where gems and stones made by jewelcrafting can be used in item socketing. World of Warcraft Jewelcrafting Guide Jewelcrafting is one of the best professions in the World of Warcraft. Through World of Warcraft Jewelcrafting you could be able to craft accessories. As a Master Jewelcrafter you can also find how to cut jewelry that would increase exacting attributes of novel types of armor when they are fixed into their slots. Each character class would benefit from the occupation of World of Warcraft Jewelcrafting because the items formed through this occupation would be used by anybody.

wow gold The benefits of Jewelcrafting are not concentrated upon any single role or character class. You should join up World of Warcraft Jewelcrafting with the occupation of mining and gems. You need enthralling mats and alchemy mats for jewelcrafting. Jewelcrafting is an occupation that could be used wherever as you would have no need of a flat resource such as a Moonwell or a Forge. wow gold However, the majority Jewelcrafting items do require a Jeweler’s Kit for fabrication. You could obtain this trade item from nearly any trade goods vendor. " "the other day a friend and I exchanged dungeon runs. I took his little Rogue through a few arms of Scarlet Monestary and he took me and another of his friends through part of Blackrock Depths. At level 53 and 50 respectively between myself and the other friend receiving benefit from the dungeon run exchange, we didn’t do much but stand back for the most part, although for most of the grouped battles, wow gold kaufen I put a few heals out on my friend and his pet and had to fade and shield a few times. I was fine with the healing as long as I waited long enough from the start of the fight to send my first heal out, but on occasion I would send that first big heal out too soon and no amount of fading or running towards the pet “tank” could save me. Faced with the run back, I had a lot of time to contemplate corpse retrieval runs I’ve done to various instances over the past few months. world of warcraft gold Now that there’s a new graveyard super-close to Razorfen Kraul and Razorfen Downs, is the graveyard run to Blackrock Mountain (which houses Blackrock Depths, Blackrock Spire and Molten Core) the longest corpse run in the game. WTB a shorter corpse run back to BRD… "


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we aren’t going to fight the mob out where it is standing. .

"Sometimes we aren’t going to fight the mob out where it is standing. . Some times I will even shoot the mob and then duck behind a corner. This is not the universal “unleash your mana wielding ranged casting might” signal. What probably happened is I saw a little blue bar under the mob out there; I want him to come to me so I shot him, then broke line of sight. If you shoot him, guess what, he will stand right where he is and shoot back. Then I have to go out there and risk pulling the whole room to get him off of you unless you figure out how to duck behind corners too, that is assuming that the Moonkin and the Hunter standing next to you didn’t just take your cue and unload their blue wad all over the mob you just launched WWIII on. The sheep We pull 3 mobs on accident. You can sheep or seduce or scattershot or whatever. That’s a fabulous idea. Don’t sheep the thing I am beating on! You know what will happen. It will break and I will already have another move queued up behind the move that broke the sheep which will break the next sheep you are trying to do since you didn”t change targets. You might not be familiar with the “F” key. Click me, then click “F”, now you are targeted on my target, so target something else, anything else and sheep that. " "If you've made it through jewelcrafting this far, congrats. Or if you are just looking ahead at what jewelcrafting to 300 takes, here it is. You will find that as your skill levels get higher and higher, the cost of materials gets higher and higher and in some cases harder to find. runescape money If you want to get your jewelcrafting up as quickly as possible I suggest buying the materials; however, this is easier said than done, unless you have a lot of gold.

With this guide you will find a very efficient way to level your jewelcrafting to 300. All of the formulas required for this guide are trained by the jewelcrafting trainer so you don't have to worry about farming or buying formulas. If you are low on gold the only skills you have to buy to are the ones required to create: Engraved Truesilver Ring, Mithril Filigree, Aquamarine Pendant of the Warrior, Thorium Setting, Ruby Pendant of Fire, and Sapphire Pendant of Winter Night. ever quest platinum All of these formulas can be trained by the jewelcrafting trainer. Important: The following ""Amount to Craft"" are only guidelines and the rate at your skill goes up will likely be slightly slower or faster. For example, it might take you 24 crafts of the Engraved Truesilver Ring to get to skill level 220, instead of 22. At the point in which you reach the projected skill level early with less crafts than listed it is best that you stop making the item and move onto the next item to craft. wow powerleveling The exception to this is if the item is listed as ""Keep"" in the ""Sell or Keep"" column, if it says ""Keep"" continue making the item since you will need it as a component in future crafts. Important: This guide requires Mithril Filigrees, which are crafted from Mithril Bars (2 Mithril Bars are required to create one Mithril Filigree). If you followed the 100-200 section of the guide you should already have 10 Mithril Filigree and need to only create 49 more (you will need 98 Mithril Bars to do this). If you are starting without any Mithril Filigree simply make 59 (you will need 118 Mithril Bars to do this) for use in this guide. " "Congrats if you've made it this far, you are almost done! One thing to keep in mind when leveling from 300-375 is that it can take a very long time and it can also take a lot of gold, unless you have all the supplies.

wow So if you don't have a lot of gold take a look at this Gold Guide to learn what it takes to make enough gold for not only your jewelcrafting, but your mounts, skills, and whatever else you desire. For this section of the guide I recommend that you use your own common sense when trying to level up. Some of the sections will require that you level up using lots of the same materials. lotro gold If you don't have a huge surplus of supplies or don't have a lot of gold to buy them then use your own judgment and try to level up using the supplies you do have. In order to level up using this guide you will train/purchase recipes from the jewelcrafting trainer (Tatiana in the Inn in Honor Hold, Hellfire Peninsula for Alliance or Kalaen in the Inn in Thrallmar, Hellfire Peninsula for Horde). You can choose what ones you actually need to train based upon the gems you have, since you have many options for a lot of the levels. lineage 2 adena You will also need to purchase a Simple Grinder from a merchant selling jewelcrafting supplies in order to cut gems. You will also need to farm the recipe for Khorium Band of Leaves (more directions for doing this are listed below) and obtain a Mercurial Stone from an Alchemist (more directions are found below). Important: The ""Amount to Craft""listed is only a guideline and you will most likely craft a different amount to get to the projected skill level listed.


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03 avril 2008

Age of Armor C2 Legion Battles Exclusive Screenshots

"March 31st, 2008, SnailGame released some new exclusive screenshots of AOA C2! Age of Armor Chapter II content will be released on April 2nd, including the most anticipated New dungeon instances and the transform system. Legion Battles will make City sieges even more competitive and fierce. Dark Valley, the secret military base of Daron Legion, shall provide mech pilots with brand new armors with new attributes. Let these new abilities make your enemies tremble before your feet, (but you must find them first. ) Transform Modules, shall enable your armor with the ability of transforming. It will bring your gear with extra fire power, armor endurance, as well as additional fighting abilities. Agile aero fighters, speeding auto-mobiles, and powerful beast machines shall conquer all. guild wars gold Warriors of Fate, Transform now! The future of the Universe is in your hands, if you choose to accept it! Patch 1.2 soon available for Single Player Soloist Hellgaters will be excited to learn that a ""beta"" version of Patch 1.2 for Single Player Mode will be made available for players to try out next week. This is similar to how our Multiplayer patches are ""road-tested"" on our Test Center server before being released. This Single Player patch will match the content, balance changes, and bug fixes found in the Multiplayer version of Patch 1.2. wow profession leveling Our QA team has reported no show-stoppers in the course of testing it thus far. A solid ETA for the publishing of this ""1.2 Beta"" Single Player patch will be made available early next week " "I'm annoyed. No, I'm VERY annoyed. wow leveln You could even say I'm miffed. Definitely on my way to peeved. Let me explain. I was reading some articles this morning about farming. Eh, I don't only write them, but I read them as well.

wow eu I can't say that I've read them all, but I've read enough. Almost all of them recommend great farming spots, such as: * Winterspring * Eastern Plaguelands * Anywhere in Outlands Look, the first two are fantastic farming spots - think Ice Thistle Yetis - and we all know that in Outlands, the roads are paved with Gold. But there's something very WRONG. Come on, people. You have to be level 50+ for Winterspring, 55+ for Eastern Plaguelands, and level 58 just to enter Outlands, never mind actually killing anything. If you're a new player, or an experienced played on a new server - no rich sugar daddy - what are you going to do. Hope for Blue or Epic drops, from Hogger perhaps. wow lvl service Vendor Linen Cloth. Try to be a 'Master of the Universe' on the Auction House and maybe lose your Red Linen Shirt. (That's a reference to 'Bonfire of the Vanities' for you non-readers out there) Fortunately, Renei is here with the solution to your low-level gold farming problems! Yes, Gold, not silver and coppers. If you follow this extremely simple recipe for success, I personally guarantee you 25g or more in 5 days, which you'll agree is quite a bit for a low-level character with no backup (i.e., a friendly same-account level 70 who's oozing WoW Gold from every orifice). " .


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New Hero Class Revealed: Bard

"Today Blizzard announced a second hero class that will be available with Wrath of the Lich King: The Bard! The deeds of every great hero inspire countless songs of triumph, virtue, and epic adventure. But although a hero’s glory endures in song, the creators of those songs are seldom remembered. guild wars gold After ages spent singing of the heroic exploits of others, the bards of Azeroth are finally stepping into the spotlight on their own terms, proving once and for all that while just about anyone can pick up a sword or cast a spell, only a true hero can vanquish evil with the power of ROCK! Armed with a trusty axe, killer riffs, and a ton of attitude, the guitar-wielding bard is the second hero class to be introduced in the upcoming Wrath of the Lich King expansion for World of Warcraft. The bard excels both as a solo performer and as part of a solid group lineup, able to front in a number of roles as varied as his musical repertoire. The bard’s extensive Metal skill line grants the potent transformational ability ""I Am Murloc,"" as well as direct damage effects like ""Epic Solo"" that will rock foes into oblivion while powerful Indie debuffs such as ""Tape Jam"" and ""Shoegazer"" keep them in check. wow profession leveling If things heat up, the bard’s Punk tree can support the party with a wide range of abilities, such as ""Nonconformity,"" which dispels fear, mind control, and similar effects, or ""Mosh Pit,"" which briefly boosts the group’s movement speed while its members stay within range. To fuel his or her powers, the bard uses a brand-new resource system called ""groove."" Selecting an ability launches the Fret Bar, which will display a number of riffs the player needs to activate using a new guitar-based keyboard peripheral that will ship with Wrath of the Lich King (a special Frostmourne-themed axe will be sold separately).

The better the player’s accuracy and timing, the more powerful the resulting ability becomes. wow leveln The riffs also become more difficult as the bard’s abilities progress, ensuring that the bard gameplay experience remains fast-paced and skill-oriented. Executing abilities also builds up groove, which further fuels the bard’s epic rock powers. Some abilities such as ""Epic Solo"" require a certain amount of groove to be unleashed, and the more groove, the more powerful the effect." "LOS ANGELES (March 31 , 2008) – Square Enix, Inc., the publisher of Square Enix™ interactive entertainment products in North America, announced today that they will be launching The Vana’diel Collection 2008 for the Windows/PC platform--a compilation of FINAL FANTASY XI, along with all four of its expansion packs, RISE OF THE ZILART, CHAINS OF PROMANTHIA, TREASURE OF AHT URHGAN, and the most recently-released, WINGS OF THE GODDESS, allowing players to experience every leg of the entire Vana’diel saga in one package. wow eu Originally released in 2002, FINAL FANTASY XI, the first online game in the award winning FINAL FANTASY series, introduced the mystical, ever-changing world of Vana’diel to legions of fans. In November of 2007, Square Enix released the game’s fourth expansion pack, WINGS OF THE GODDESS to a community that has more than 500,000 active subscribers and over 1.7 million active characters from around the world. The latest expansion, WINGS OF THE GODDESS, takes players in a journey through time, to experience the Vana’diel of 20 years past. Featuring new jobs, new environments and new questions, the expansion will take players to a very different Vana’diel—one on the brink of war. Recently, WINGS OF THE GODDESS conducted a major content update, implementing job and battle system improvements, new campaign elements, new quests for dancers and scholars, new items and equipment and much more.

wow lvl service FINAL FANTASY XI Vana'diel Collection 2008 for Windows will be hitting store shelves soon! The collection includes the complete award-winning original game plus all four expansions (Rise of the Zilart, Chains of Promathia, Treasures of Aht Urhgan and Wings of the Goddess) on one easy-to-install DVD. The package features a fold-out map of Vana'diel, command lists and mini starting nation walkthroughs to help new players begin their adventure! Every copy comes with a 30-day free trial and a Vana'diel Buddy Pass to invite a friend to try FINAL FANTASY XI. " .


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Sword of the New World - New Expansion Announced

"IRVINE, Calif.– March 28, 2008– K2 Network, Inc., a global games publisher, announces K2 Network’s game portal has launched an expansion for its Free2Play epic Age of Exploration MMORPG Sword of the New World: Granado Espada, entitled The Land of the Dead! This new expansion adds new monsters, new stances, new skills and a slew of new features including: A whole new PvP Enabled map for players to explore, a new level of equipment: 92 Elites, 2 highly anticipated UPCs (Unique Player Characters): Kurt and Eduardo, and a host of Cash Shop additions including Andre’s Dolce and Granado Beachwear, the brand new Polisher system and Devil Wings. Sword of the New World gives players more options, variety, entertainment and challenges than any other MMORPG can by virtue of its unique design features. With multi-character control (MCC), players are able to command up to three characters simultaneously. No longer limited to playing one character at a time, players can instantly switch between their favorite character classes or control them all at once; the pace of battle is swift and exciting in both player vs. environment (PvE) and player vs. player (PvP) combat. guild wars gold Sword of the New World features a bold, original art direction inspired by the supremacy of Europe’s Baroque period. Striking graphics make this title as thrilling to look at as it is to play, and the game’s brilliant design allows it to run on a variety of systems. To Check out Sword of the New World or any of the other K2 titles visit"Gamasutra recently published an interesting article covering why they believe World of Warcraft became so incredibly successful. wow profession leveling [In the world of MMOs, World of Warcraft is king, and in this vibrant analysis, online game expert Michael Zenke examines just what it is that made WoW so popular in the first place -- including accessibility, polish and simple timing.] Massively Multiplayer Online Games are officially mainstream.

A title from the genre has had an entire cartoon episode made about it, features in an advertisement starring Mr. T, and hosts some ten million players worldwide. wow leveln World of Warcraft is a fundamentally important element to the MMO landscape, but more than that it's an ecology, a society all its own. We know WoW has hit it big. What we don't know -- what we don't think anyone could claim to know for certain -- is why exactly Blizzard's behemoth was the one to break loose from that nerd stigma. wow eu World of Warcraft's launch and subsequent popularity is a singular event in the history of gaming. Why this game. Why not titles that went before it, like the comic-esque title City of Heroes. Why not Star Wars Galaxies, a title with a huge built-in fan base. Why not WoW-launch contemporary EverQuest 2, the successor to the original MMO superpower. wow lvl service There's no one answer to that question, of course. There are as many theories about WoW's popularity as there are MMO commentators. It's in between those theories that I think real insight can be found. As much as the venture capitalists might like to hear differently, there's no one reason why World of Warcraft has achieved the success it has. So with that in mind, let's approach Azeroth as a sociologist might: what drives people to inhabit this world. " .


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27 mars 2008

I couldn't really find any words

"I had fallen asleep a few minutes after our conversation had cheap wow gold. I woke up from sleep when I felt like the ground under me was shaking.10GB MP3 PLAYER. Except that it wasn't ground, it was fur.lotro gold. I sat up and realized I was riding a gray bear in the middle of a forest I had never seen before.sell wow gold. The animal trotted forward as if nothing happened, up until the moment I fell off onto a soft patch of honor. To my surprise, the bear immediately noticed and turned around to face me. Then something even more bizarre happened. A green glow radiated from the bear's fur. Then it's front paws looked like they started to melt away, and the rest of it's body grew tall and slim.. In a matter of seconds, the old druid was standing in front of me with that friendly smile of his.Blizzard to continue Ashbringer lore ""Ah, good morning! I see you finally woke up. I hope I didn't startle you too badly, but you fell asleep along the way and I didn't want to wake you up. Welcome to Ashenvale forest."" I rubbed my eyes and looked around in slight confusion. I had slept an entire day. ""How do you like the sights. "" I was downright amazed by the amount of wildlife around me, but I couldn't really find any words do describe it. I found the surroundings both calming and exciting. ""I hate to rush, but we should keep moving. We can reach my house by twilight. And perhaps I can tell you a little something on the way."" So we continued the journey on foot. Along the way, I found it surprisingly pleasant to walk in the wild forest barefooted. The old druid told me many things about the world and it's history that I hadn't known before, like that there was a continent called Northrend, which was ruled by some dark character called the lich king and the fact that the orcs were not originally from this world.

Funny how little I knew about the world back then. Not only was I listening to him with both of my ears, my other senses were fixed on taking in every possible bit of the surrounding woods: every last breeze of warm air, and the feeling of grass and moss slipping between my toes every now and then. I had to admit to myself, I had started to feel better again. By the time he got to telling me about the cenarion circle and other druids in the world, I started to ask questions. ""Where are all the other druids. "" ""All over the world, really. Some remain in Darnassus or Moonglade, focusing on all kinds of research. Others have been called to battlefronts, like the one in Silithus. And then there are those who choose not to follow any governing power, but instead roam the lands freely, lending their aid whenever they see fit."" ""Are you one of those traveling druids. "" ""No, I'm a bit too old for that. But perhaps you'll do it for me one day"", he said and winked at me. After that we spent a long while walking and talking about all kinds of things in the world. " .

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behind the counter for several minutes

"We found our way into a wooden house where a white-haired night elf woman was cooking something on a stove, which was placed behind a cheap wow gold. The rest of the room was full of small round tables with chairs around each one.10GB MP3 PLAYER. Each table also had a lantern in the middle, but none of them were lit in the middle of the day.lotro gold. The smell of food that dominated the air made my stomach growl heavily, but it didn't make me feel like I could eat. The old elf pointed me at a table near the door. ""Wait here for a moment while I get something for you, alright.sell wow gold. "" I sat on the chair he pulled up for me and watched as he went over to the honor. He spoke with the woman behind the counter for several minutes, then returned to me with a bowl of hot vegetable soup and a spoon. I held the spoon in my hand for quite a while, but I didn't touch the food. All the while, the old elf patiently sat on the opposite side of the table, observing me. ""You should eat before it gets cold"", he finally said. I brought myself to taste the food. It was hot, but it was also very good. Slowly I began to eat and felt more hungry after each spoonful. When the bowl was about half empty, I had to stop to avoid burning my throat. The warm food seemed to have restored my ability to speak. ""Are you a druid. "", I asked in a small, shy voice. The question had been hovering about my mind since the moment I first saw him. He gave me a friendly smile and replied: ""Perhaps your mind isn't as young as what you look like. Yes, I am a druid."" He held out his hand into an offer to shake hands. ""Dalrith Cloudsky.

Pleased to meet you."" I was stunned by his sudden formality, to say the least. Still, I responded in kind. ""Cailea Evergreen"", I said and shook his hand. I couldn't come up with anything more to say, so I continued my soup. He interrupted me soon enough. ""Do you know where your family is. "" I stopped eating and looked him in the eyes for several seconds. Then I looked back at my food as my eyes became watery again. ""They are with the stars now"", I mumbled while trying hard not to shed any more tears. I attacked my food with renewed determination, to try not to think about what I just said. He remained silent until I had finished eating. ""Would you like to come and live in my house then. It's a small cottage in Ashenvale forest. I'm sure you'd like it more than the orphanage in Stormwind. Besides, it would be a shame to see such potential put to waste."" At my situation, the offer was already very tempting in itself, but it did seem just a bit too easy to be right. ""Potential. "" ""Yes, I saw it in your eyes."" He took a better position on his seat and said in a very deep and meaningful tone: "" have what is needed to become a druid. I know it probably seems very far-fetched to you, but I was young once too, and I also didn't believe it at first."" I went silent, pondered his words. I toyed with the idea of running around as a big furry bear. ""I'd be a pretty poor druid. I don't even know any spells."" The old druid let out a hearty chuckle. ""Magic is something you have to learn. Nobody knows how to use it the minute they are born. Being a druid is about knowing the nature around you and preserving it's balance. And I believe you would become a fine druid.

As I said, you have great potential."" I spent a while longer thinking about it. The more I thought about it, the better it sounded. ""Would I learn to turn into an animal. "" He smiled again. ""If you want to."" ""I think I could try it."" ""And I'm sure you won't regret it"", he said and sat up. ""Come then, we have a long trip ahead.""" .

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My family was gone and my home

"The man in front of me was quiet for a cheap wow gold. Even though he had already noticed my poor condition, he remained as calm as the land itself.10GB MP3 PLAYER. I thought it was strange.lotro gold. All the adults I had known would've already started a big fuss about it, asking if I was alright, things like that.sell wow gold. But he didn' honor. He seemed to know exactly what he was doing. ""How did you end up here, child. "" I didn't answer. I couldn't say it out loud. Instead, I glanced back towards the city. Then I turned my view to my knees again, as tears began to force their way onto my eyes again, running down my cheeks. He seemed to guess my thoughts anyway. ""Were you with the refugees from Auberdine. "" I didn't know what 'refugees' meant, but I could guess. I nodded and wiped the salty liquid off my left cheek. ""I heard what happened. A terrible thing... But didn't anyone come with you. "" I sobbed and shook my head. I started to hope that the man would just leave me alone...what could he possibly do for me. My family was gone and my home had more than likely been burnt down. Again he seemed to read my mind. ""Cailea.... You are still young and have your whole life ahead of you. Why would you want to end it here. It's not like the trees around you wouldn't mourn you."" I barely caught even half of what he said, but it was enough to get my attention. I looked up into his eyes again and he looked deep into mine. It was the first moment I could see a hint of surprise on his aged face. I thought he saw something in me that others did not. ""Then"", he said and straightened up a bit, ""let me help you to find your path"", he continued and held out a hand for me. I hesitated.

The idea of going anywhere with a complete stranger seemed like something I shouldn't be doing. But no matter which way I thought of it, he was right. There was no other way for me to go. So I took his hand and he helped me stand up. ""Now, you look like you could use a good meal. Let's go see what we can find in the tradesmen's terrace, shall we. "" I wanted to tell him I wasn't hungry, but my ability to speak seemed to be missing. So we went back inside the city. This time, however, I actually paid some attention to my surroundings. Of course my first thought was that the city was beautiful. Especially a part of it on the other side of the middle lake, that looked like a small grove with large treehouses. I stopped to look at it. The man holding my hand stopped as he realized that I wasn't moving. ""Ah, the cenarion enclave. That's where all the druids of the city are."", he said while looking the same way as I. " .

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